Our main preoccupation is to put you in front of your next business partner in Europe! Whether you want to call it a client, an investor, a distributor or simply a partner is up to you

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Market Intelligence: Making the Match between Demand and Supply
Is there a market in Europe for your Proposition? Can you deliver the Solution that the market demands today?
We’ll help you figuring it out, based on our practical market intelligence, gathered from thousands of interviews and sales meetings throughout the years.
From our transversal approach, as we look through organisations’ needs, stretching from insurance, investment through technology, we get valuable insights on where your offering can meet the market’s needs.



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This is the core of our business, we daily call the markets and keep our records up-to –date to ensure we quickly put you in front of your next business partner.
Nobody is better placed to sell your products and services than yourself/your sales people. And companies don’t want to meet third party marketers, they want to see the managers to whom they want to entrust part of their business.
Call us: pre-sales / lead generators / meeting organizers, you are right. This is what we do!
Nevertheless, we tailor our proposition to the needs of our clients as sometimes, for languages/cultural  challenges we’ve been requested to either join along or help in the full process of the partnership establishment.



  • Shareholding structure

  • Key-figures (Assets under Management, Sales, Revenues, P&L,…)

  • Asset Allocation

  • Core business

  • Products

  • Systems

  • Providers

  • Market Position

  • Customer Base

  • Distribution


We maintain frequent contact with the key decision makers

  • Top Management (CEO, CIO, COO, CTO, CCO,...)

  • Department Heads (Fund Selection, Middle Office, IT, Legal, Compliance, ...)

  • Direct details

  • Personal Assistant details

Constantly updated

We keep our datas updated, through research (press, social networks, calls, conferences, ... ) which unable us to be relevant in our pitches and in direct relation to the accurate contacts for your offer